Massive Iceberg Has Broken Off In Antarctica

One of the biggest icebergs in recorded history has broken off of Antarctica, causing widespread arguments amongst scientists over whether or not global warming is to blame.

The iceberg broke free from the ice shelf sometime in the last few days and was captured by a satellite.

Massive Iceberg Has Broken Off In Antarctica

The trillion-ton chunk of ice is roughly seven times the size of New York City (789 square kilometres).

While these events are not unusual, for one to break free this size is rare. This giant berg covers an area of roughly 6,000 square kilometres.

Scientists had been monitoring the Larsen C ice shelf, where the giant block of ice broke free, after observing a crack in the ice grow more than 200 kilometres.

Massive Iceberg Has Broken Off In Antarctica

There is no immediate threat posed by the new giant iceberg to shipping and because the ice was already floating on the water it should not affect sea levels.

A spokeswoman for the British Antarctic survey said there was not enough information to say whether the ‘calving’ (term to describe the iceberg breaking loose) is a result of climate change, however there is good evidence that rising global warming has thinned the ice shelves.

If this iceberg does find its way into shipping lanes surly boat captains won’t miss one this size in their path.

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