Benjamin Holst once dubbed “the most hated German in Thailand” appears to have been up to his tricks again and this time the people of South Korea were having none of it quickly booting him out as well.

According to the now infamous beggar he is now banned from Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia.

"Most hated German in Thailand" now pulling same con in South Korea

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Holst was blacklisted from Thailand three years ago after the Thai people got wise to his antics after he was caught begging for money then spending it partying in Pattaya.

Two weeks ago Holst was refused boarding to a Thai Airways flight destined for Laos due to a connection in Bangkok and has blacklisting from the kingdom he changed his plans and headed to South Korea, who have also now booted him out.

VIDEO : "Most hated German in Thailand" kicked out of another country

Holst posted pictures on his Facebook account suggesting he was being held at immigration in the South Korean capital Seoul.

It is believed that the “most hated German in Thailand” is now off to China to see if his tricks will work there.

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