Mowgli Girl

A young girl has been discovered in an Indian jungle living with monkeys.

Many are calling her the “Mowgli Girl” based on the character from Jungle Book who was brought up by wolves.

Doctors who were examining the child said she ate her food from the floor without using her hands.

The naked girl is thought to aged between ten and twelve years old.

She was found by tree surgeons in Katarniya Ghat forest but when they approached her, they were chased by monkeys. Finally a brave policeman managed to grab her and escape, despite the close attention of the primates. Even as he drove away in his patrol car, the monkeys followed in hot pursuit.

After being checked over at Bahraich District Hospital by Dr D K Singh, it was discovered she was weak and very thin. Her mannerisms resembled those of monkeys and her hair was described as being dishevelled.

The girl is still unable to talk

She has been in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh since her discovery in January and has now began walking upright and eating with her hands, although speech still eludes her. She appears to understand instructions from doctors and will occasional offer a smile.

So far, police have been unable to identify her or track her parents. They are also interested in how she got into the jungle in the first place.

The area where she was found has a number of wild animals, including tigers and crocodiles.

It would appear that the girl has been in the jungle for some time and has much to thank the monkeys for.


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