Myanmar Plane Crash - 122 Dead In Andaman Sea

A military aircraft from Myanmar, that disappeared from radar has resulted in the deaths of 122 people. Contract was lost over the Andaman Sea as it travelled from Myiek to Yangon.

Of those who died fifteen were children.

Inclement weather conditions have hampered the search for bodies as ships and fishing vessels scoured the seas.

Bodies were hauled to the shore where soldiers placed them in body bags, before transporting them to awaiting trucks.

The plane, a four-engined Shaanxi Y-8, was in the hands of fully fledged pilots with over 3000 flying hours experience.

Myanmar Plane Crash - 122 Dead In Andaman Sea

Fisherman dropped nets into the sea in attempts to recover bodies as navy ships used sonar in a bid to find debris.

So far they have recovered the bodies of 31 people, 21 women, eight kids and two men.

Numerous plane parts and luggage have also been found.

Those on board where members of the military and their families.

Source : Bangkokpost

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