Ninety-Four-Year-Old Banana Seller Robbed

A 94-year-old Indonesian banana seller who was robbed of 1m rupiah (2664 baht) has won the hearts of internet users around the globe.

The elderly man, known as Suratman said he was asked by a driver to enter his vehicle to sell fruit. Once inside, he was forced to hand over his takings by two men, before they kicked him out the vehicle and sped off.

Ninety-Four-Year-Old Banana Seller Robbed

A video of the distressed man was posted online, which has resulted in donations and comments of sympathy for the gent.

Tommy Reza, a bystander saw Suratman and rushed to assist him. When he was told of the incident, Tommy decided to start a fundraiser to get the man his money back.

People from Jambi have donated funds along with others from Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Many were outraged when they read the story of how this hard working old man was callously robbed.

Tommy delivered the donations to him personally and said Suratman was extremely grateful to all who help.

Donations in the region of 37m rupiah have been raised for Suratman. Even the local governor got in on the act, presenting 5m rupiah to purchase the remainder of his bananas.

Ninety-Four-Year-Old Banana Seller Robbed

Source : BBC

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