Oasis Racing Up The Charts With Royalties Going To Victim's Families

Oasis are racing up the charts in the UK with their classic hit “Don’t Look Back In Anger”.

The song was sang by crowds who gathered at a vigil for the victims of the suicide bombing following the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, where 22 people lost their lives.

It was also sang by Coldplay during the “One Love” fundraising event at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Along with the song’s newfound success, comes the news that songwriter Noel Gallagher is donating all royalties from new sales and streams of the track to the victim’s families.

Noel was criticised for not playing the fundraiser but the star had agreed to donate the royalties before there was any mention of the concert being arranged.

However personal issues between his brother Liam appear to have got in the way of a reunion at the concert, which resulted in Liam having a pop at Noel.

Source : BBC

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