Oil truck explosion kills 140 plus

A tanker carrying Fuel exploded in Pakistan Sunday, killing 146 people, of which many were collecting the leaking contents before it exploded.

The tanker crashed on a tight bend of the motorway near the city of Bahawalpur when the driver of the vehicle lost control after it blew a tire.

Oil truck explosion kills 140 plus

People then gathered to collect the leaking cargo when the tanker ignited injuring 80 people of which about 40 had serious burns and were airlifted to hospital.

At the time of the explosion a crowd estimated to be numbering 500 had gathered many who were trying to collect the oil in whatever they could bottles, cans even household utensils as oil is extremely valuable there as 60 percent of the population survives on $3 a day, according to a survey carried out by the World Bank.

Oil truck explosion kills 140 plus

The driver of the tanker survived the accident and has been taken into custody by the police.

An estimated 20 children lost their lives in the incident and a further 100 people are unaccounted for as many of the bodies were burned beyond recognition.

“According to initial reports, somebody tried to light a cigarette,” said rescue services spokesman Jam Sajjad Hussain.

Smoking around any sort of fuel is surely not a good idea.

Source : Thaivisa

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