One Nation Candidate’s Seedy Social Media Presence: Boobs, Bums And Creepy Captions

ONE Nation’s candidate for Leichhardt is in the firing line over sexist social media posts depicting him groping breasts in Thailand, posing with a topless woman and captioning a woman’s cleavage with the words “mmm YUMMY!!!”.

Ross Macdonald is an unknown quantity in the race for Leichhardt — he did not turn up for the voting ticket ballot draw, was missing from a candidates’ debate this morning and his election corflutes are nowhere to be seen.

His chief public presence appears to be on Facebook where his photos are available for all to see.

In the wake of high-profile One Nation candidate Steve Dickson’s resignationafter the broadcast of footage of him at a strip club in Washington, Mr Macdonald’s choice of images raises serious questions over the party’s candidate vetting process.

Among the photos is one, which has been removed since the Cairns Postmade contact this morning, showing Mr Macdonald holding raffle tickets in front of a young topless woman’s breasts and another of him groping a buxom lady’s bosom in a bar in Thailand.

Other images include a digitally altered picture of a naked woman with four legs meeting at a torso, each set in a suggestive sexual pose without any head in sight.

In a photo of a large-breasted woman with her cleavage on display, Mr Macdonald has written: “WOW!! … What a heart”.

The cleft of her mammaries has been tagged with the words “mmm YUMMY!!!”, which pops up when the cursor hovers over the top.

Another shows a woman wearing a shirt that says “Save a virgin, do me instead” with her nipples poking through the cloth.

Mr Macdonald’s caption for that image read: “Whatever you say boss…”

A digitally altered image depicts a naked woman made to resemble a horse, accompanied by Mr Macdonald’s caption: “MMMM!!! … Interesting thoughts”.

Mr Macdonald and One Nation have been asked for comment.


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