Only Fool and Horses star Patrick Murray, 61, who is famous for his role on the hit British television show.

Where he played Rodney Trotters pal Mickey Pearce has spoken to the media about a recent visa dispute which is preventing his wife from joining him in the UK.

Only Fools and Horses star heartbroken as wife Thai banned from UK

Mr Murray said he was desperate for his wife Anong, 36, and their daughter Josie, 2, to join him in the Uk.

The former actor now cab driver said that his family is prevented from joining him due to the minimum income rules for non-European spouses, which were put in place by Theresa May when she was the home secretary.

The Only Fools and Horses cast

Mr Murray described the situation saying “it’s really heart-breaking.”

For his family to come join him Patrick is required to prove he has a yearly income of a minimum of £22,400 or saving of more than £62,500, but said he cannot do this until he has completed a year of being self-employed. Patrick said that the case went to the Supreme Court who said it was cruel but not illegal.

Only Fools and Horses star heartbroken as wife Thai banned from UK

The Only Fools and Horses star says he is currently working the night-shift to try and save up as much money as possible.

The home office said that they welcome foreign partners and their children however it is important that families have the ability to support themselves financially.

Source : Mirror

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  1. It’s one rule for one and one for another, there is so much wrong with the immigration system for the rest of the world spouses. Thanks Tony Blair for filling up Britain with the shit of Europe so honest hardworking people now don’t get a look in


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