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Yesterday, Love Pattaya reported the horrific story regarding a passenger forcibly removed from an United Airlines flight, because they wanted the seat for off duty staff.

The incident occurred at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

A video showing the man being dragged by the arms up the central aisle, as blood poured from his face went viral on the internet.

The problem occurred because the flight was overbooked. The airline asked for volunteers to leave and take another flight but despite offers of vouchers and hotel accommodation, no one was interested. So they selected passengers at random, resulting in the commotion seen on the video.

Now Chinese internet users are calling for a boycott of the airline, claiming they picked on him because of his Asian looks.

It is more likely that he was singled out because he was travelling alone however. In addition, it was an African-American who removed him from the aircraft, so the racism card is unlikely.

In a new twist, the man seen in the video has been identified as Doctor David Dao. He is 69 years-old and lives in Elizabethtown in the state of Kentucky.

He was previously suspended in 2003 for providing illegal drugs to a patient in return for sex. His licence was restored in 2015.

This information of course was not known to the airline and should have no reflection on what happened aboard the plane. The man, as far as the airline is concerned, was simply an elderly passenger using their services to get home.

Airlines should consider not overbooking in the future. If someone fails to turn up, they have their money, so this act of overbooking is nothing short of greed.


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