Rhino Killed

The shocking scene was discovered in a national wildlife park earlier in the week.

A spokesman said “the rhinoceros has been shot in the head”.

Last year, a similar incident at the same park, resulted in the death of another rhino.

Once again mankind displays greed hunting these rare animals for profit.

Illegal hunting and loss of habitat has caused the rhinos numbers to plummet over the years. They are now classed as endangered species.

Nepal has been highly active in the preservation of rhinos and other wild animals and has in fact received praise for combating poachers.

Thousands of the rhinos used to call Nepal home but there are as few as 600 remaining in the Chitwan Park.

An investigation is underway to determine how best to improve security for the animals safety.

At present, poachers face the possibility of a 15 year jail term and 35,000 baht fine.


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