Bitcoin seems determine to smash record highs day in and day out at the moment.

Overnight the Price of Bitcoin climbed again reaching a new all-time high of almost $7000.

At 07:00 UTC strong trading in Bitcoin saw the cryptocurrencies price per unit top out at $6,994.01 after opening the day at $6,750 a further gain of 2.8% on the day thus far.

Over the last seven days the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed by a massive 22.56% with the company’s market capitalization topping out at $116 billion.

Bitcoins latest offering Bitcoin Cash is also doing well making marked gains trading at $546 per unit which is an increase of 13.63% in a 24-hour period and an increase of 62.16% over a seven day period.

The combined market cap for all current cryptocurrencies is also at record highs totalling $188.5 billion in a new phenomenon that is taking the world by storm.

Source: Bitcoin

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