Prince Phillip to retire from Royal Duties

Prince Phillip to retire from Royal duties from August, the Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

Growing concerns over the Queen and Prince Phillips health was the main subject of talk at first when a emergency meeting was organized on Thursday.

A letter from the Buckingham Palace confirmed that he will not be attending public events as from August, but he may still attend some events when he can.

Prince Phillip will be 96 in June, and is the longest serving companion in British history, he has the full support of the queen in the decision he has made.

Prince Phillip to retire from Royal Duties

He has committed his entire life to his country including 780 businesses that he will no longer complete public engagements for, the queen will still be playing her active role.

They have been married since 1947, and have continued to complete there royal duties together since 1952, and they will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary later this year.

Prince Phillip to retire from Royal Duties

Love Pattaya Thailand would like to wish Prince Phillip our best wishes and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Source : Stuffnews

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