Propeller falls off plane at 6000 feet

Sydney Airport was almost the scene of a disaster when the pilots on flight ZL768 observed one if the plane’s propellers fall off at 6000 feet.

The pilots were aware of a problem when the plane as they felt vibrations coming from the engine but were not expecting to see the propeller pass by the cockpit as they prepared to shut the engine down.

The incident occurred 12 miles from Sydney.

Paul Cousin, the president of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association said “They were a hair’s breadth away from a disaster. I don’t know how the hell it didn’t damage the aircraft as
it went past.”

Propeller falls off plane at 6000 feet

The plane, which was travelling from Albury, New South Wales, 300 miles from Sydney had sixteen passengers and three crew on board.

The aircraft’s crew sent out a distress call as ground crew prepared for a crash landing, however the pilot landed the plane safely by gliding down to the runway.

The Saab 340 plane is owned by Regional Express, which offer internal flights around Australia.

So where did the stricken propeller land?



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