A pregnant wife sought to seek her own form of justice when she learned her husband was having an affair by stuffing super-hot bird’s eye chili peppers into the mistress’s lady parts.

Ly Chanel, 23, said she began to suspect something wasn’t right when her husband of less than a year Chien Keo, 24, was vanishing for hours at a time.

The mother to be accompanied by four friends followed the philandering husband to a motel where they burst in on the pair in the act in Thai Nguyen province of northeast Vietnam. Angrily Ly put on latex gloves while three of her friends held the mistress down as one took pictures.

After opening a bag of incredibly hot 200,000 scoville units red bird’s eye chilies the scorned mother to be began shoving them inside the poor woman’s private parts causing what must have been excruciating pain. The women put the pictures of their punishment online which caused a torrent of backlash most saying they should of targeted the cheating husband.

Ly Chanel, right, was suspicious about her husband Chien Keo, left, because he kept disappearing for hours upon end from their home in , northeast Vietnam

The police have said they have not received any complaint from the alleged victim but warned Ly Chanel could face a fine if charged by the police. If the chilies caused injury to the woman’s lady parts Ly could be dealt with under Article 104 of the Penal Code where she could face a fine reaching as high as 4,500 baht (£100).

Let’s hope this spicy brand of vigilante justice doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

Source : Daily Mai Uk

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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