Sainbury's Threaten Legal Action Over Village Shop Name

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, threatened a convenience store owner with legal action because he named his shop “Singhsburys”.

But Jel Singh Nagra wasn’t going take defeat lying down. He renamed the shop “Morrisinghs”, which will no doubt get him into further trouble from another supermarket company.

Buy you have to admire the man’s ingenuity and wonder what harm he was doing calling his business Singhsburys.

It was his customers in North Tyneside in England, who suggested he change the name to Morrisinghs, when they heard of the the problems he was having with Sainsburys.

The corner shop owner said his customers often came into the shop for the banter and the sign provides a good talking point.

Sainbury's Threaten Legal Action Over Village Shop Name

Customer appear to love the shop owner and his sense of humour. One said “This guy is great! The sign makes me laugh every time I go past. Nice bloke too.”

The villagers love their shop and hope that Morrisons will leave it alone.

Source : Metro

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