Most of us have seen the video where a young girl is pulled backwards into the sea by a sea lion, for the funny clip went viral.

But it turns out, the video, which was captured in Canada, is not so hilarious for the youngster in the clip.

She is being treated with antibiotics because there is a risk of a dangerous infection.

The girl’s family were contacted by Vancouver Aquarium when staff became anxious about the possibility of “seal finger”, which can lead lead to amputations.

Because the youngster was injured when the creature bit her, they considered her “at risk”. She received a 4″ wound when the sea lion bit into her flesh.

The incident occurred when people were feeding the sea lions. The girl went to have a look. As she turned away, the animal leapt from the waters and dragged her in, possibly mistaking her as something edible.

Seal finger is caused by bacteria that are found in the mouths of seals and sea lions. The infection can be extremely painful and can lead to digits or even limbs being amputated.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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