Seventeen Inmates Killed In Mass Break Out In Papua New Guinea

Seventeen prisoners were shot dead during an attempted mass break out at Buimo Prison in Papua New Guinea.

Prison officers opened fire to try to prevent the inmates escaping but despite their efforts, 57 broke free. Another three were recaptured.

Local authorities have warned that the escapees are dangerous and should not be approached. Many were waiting to stand trial for violent crimes including armed robbery.

The prison has been the scene of attempted breakouts before and it appears those in charge did not heed the warnings.

In 2016, at least eleven prisoners were killed with more than 70 escaping when they stormed the main gate, overpowering the guards.

In 2015, guards were again overrun as fifty prisoners got away.

Jails in the country are known to be over crowded with inmates being locked up in poor conditions. Prisoners often wait lengthy periods on trial dates being set.

Source : BBC

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