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Taiwan are about to ban the killing of cats and dogs for food consumption.

Much of the world abhor the ill treatment of any creature regarded as pets but there are still a few that kill cats and dogs for food, often using cruel and inhumane methods to slaughter the poor creatures.

This is a huge step for Taiwan and one that the world will welcome.

Additionally, a government bill has been approved that prohibits the pulling of pets alongside a motor vehicle such as a car of motorbike. This fad is a lazy persons method of exercising their dog.

Large fines will be imposed on anyone breaching the new laws and culprits could face up to two years in prison.
These moves will go a long way to improving how the world perceives Taiwan and of course will appease animal lovers worldwide.
The nation said in 2001 that the sale of meat and fur from these animals was for economic reasons. Understandable if the people of your country are starving and have no other food source.
However, these days, the faithful dog or cute cat, is more likely to be part of the family.

Hats of to Taiwan.


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