A female Taiwanese flight attendant felt physically and mentally traumatized after being exposed to the sight of an obese man’s genitals, and being forced to wipe the man’s bottom, after he went to the toilet on a flight from Los Angeles to Taipei yesterday, January 19.

“I feel dirty.” The flight attendant wrote on an Instagram post that detailed the experience.

According to reports in Taiwan media outlets, the flight attendant wrote that an old, white, American man, weighing around 200 kilograms, boarded the flight from LA and made “unreasonable requests” of the all-female flight attendant cabin crew.

After boarding the airplane in a wheelchair, the passenger requested to be moved to a row with three spare seats, and as seats were available, his request was granted.

During the flight, the passenger told the flight attendant that his right hand was broken, and was recovering from surgery, so could they please help him to go to the toilet, as he was unable to apply pressure to his hand.

obese passenger at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

The obese man was not able to get into the economy class toilet because it was too small, so the flight attendants took him to the business class toilet. “It was the beginning of a nightmare,” the flight attendant wrote.

Shortly after entering the toilet cubicle, the passenger pressed the emergency assistance button. With his underwear only half pulled down, he asked the flight attendant to help him to pull his underwear down.

The flight attendant at first refused, but the man, sitting on the toilet with his legs open and genitals exposed, insisted, and pleaded that he could not complete his ablutions with his underwear only half-down.

“Come in and help me out … you promised to help me!” he said.

The flight attendant put a blanket over the passenger’s groin, donned a pair of surgical gloves and helped pull down the man’s underwear.

The passenger then insisted that the door be left open, otherwise he could not breathe.

Being forced to see the man’s genitalia was just the beginning of the insults, according to SETN (Sanli News Network). After relieving himself, the passenger “shamelessly” asked the flight attendant to wipe his bottom.

The flight attendant said: “This is really too much. The cabin crew are all female, and we don’t have a male team member. No one can help you.”

Pointing at the flight attendant, the passenger roared: “You promised to help me!”

“I promised to help you go to the toilet, not to wipe your butt!” the flight attendant replied.

“You promised me…what can I do if no one wipes my butt? Do you want me to stay in this toilet?” the passenger pleaded.

Finally, with passengers affected by the disturbance, the flight attendant donned three layers of surgical gloves to comply with the man’s requests. However, not satisfied with the clean-up operation, the “disgusting old white man” (Sanli News) kept saying “deeper, deeper!”

The flight attendant said that after the incident, she shut herself up in a toilet cubicle, vomited, and cried. The smell lingered, and could not be washed away.

To add insult to injury, after landing, a male ground crew took the man off the flight and asked him if he needed to use the bathroom. The passenger said “yes,” but when asked if he required assistance, replied, “No.”

The flight attendant said that the purpose of her post was to put her experience into words in the hope that the airline to protect employees, recruit more male flight attendants, and to prevent such passengers from boarding unattended in the future.

Fat-shaming and white-shaming all-in-one. One headline on Sanli News Network reads: “White man forced flight attendant to wipe his butt, insult to the yellow races.”

troublesome passenger on EVA Air flight

Image used to illustrate story on Now News, depicting passenger described as “evil, disgusting, fat, white, old, and bald” in various Taiwanese media outlets.

Picture chosen by EBC Network (Dongsen TV) to illustrate story about old, fat, white man.

Source: Taiwanenglishnews


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