Man Will Attempt To Become The World's Fastest Moving Man

A British man has aspirations to become the fastest moving man in the world, without using any form of machinery to propel himself.

Wearing no more than a wingsuit, former aerospace safety engineer Fraser Corsan will fly higher than a commercial plane as he attempts to break four world records in two separate jumps later this month.

His ambitious plans will see him fly at over 40,000 feet. He will then glide at 250 mph, which would make him the fastest moving man ever recorded whilst flying under his own steam.

He will have to remain airborne for ten minutes or more and travel at least 20 miles, which would be the furthest anyone has ever flown in a wingsuit.

His wingsuit will help him survive temperatures as low as -136C and he will carry an oxygen supply that will last for 45 minutes.

A number of automated safety devices are in place to aid him should he lose consciousness. Parachute’s will open automatically should he fail to release them himself. Everything has a back up, just in case.

The reasoning behind the jump is to raise money for charity. SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity that supports anyone who is serving or has ever served in the British Armed Forces and their families, will benefit from Mr. Corsan’s efforts.

Corsan has made more than 1300 jumps, spending over 56 hours in free fall, in a career spanning 16 years.

Source : Skynews

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