It seems that North Korea have a death wish as they threaten America with all out war if they take action over continuing missiles tests by the Koreans.

Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol said “We’ll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.”
This statement is likely to generate some anxiety with neighbours South Korea and China, not to mention Japan, who have had test missiles land in their waters.

Kim Jung-un has desires to create nuclear weapons capable of long range strikes on Europe and America.
President Trump is not enamoured by these ambitions and has made it clear that America will go it alone if other nations, such as China, do not help.
And tensions are about to increase as the pentagon appears to have ordered another two aircraft carriers to the Korean Peninsula.
The world needs China to get involved if a peaceful solution is to be found. China borders North Korea and could step in at any time.
It may be a better option than an American strike, even if it involves China’s military power to end the Korean Despots nuclear aspirations.


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