War games

Tensions mounted around the globe as Chinese President Xi Jinping called for restraint over the American – North Korean stand off.

The USA amongst other nations are unhappy with the Koreans continuous testing of ballistic missiles and threats of nuclear action against many nations, the most recent being Australia.

Now with Japan joining in the naval exercises with a US aircraft carrier as they headed for Korean waters, tensions have risen to another level.

North Korea see the arrival of the US naval ships as a threat and said it was a “dangerous act” by the US.

Donald Trump has continually warned that if China refuse to help in putting an end to the missile tests by North Korea, the US will go it alone and are in a “state of readiness” should they have to take action.

Two Japanese destroyers have already joined the taskforce and it is expected that South Korea will join the war games soon.

Washington fear Pyongyang could be preparing to conduct another nuclear missile test or launch more ballistic missiles.

China is concerned that war could break out in the vicinity of its borders and is hopeful that all involved will exercise restraint to avoid a war.

However it is clear that there can be only one solution. Kim Jung-un must give up his desires to be a nuclear force or many fear a strike on his country will happen sooner rather than later.


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