Thai Students Warned Of The Dangers Of Illegally Working In Singapore

Students from Thailand who are lured to Singapore for big money jobs during school breaks have been warned they could face large fines of even go to prison for up to two years.

Many students head to Singapore to work in the entertainment industry as singers, musicians or models during school holidays. Some go to earn additional cash or just for the opportunity to travel.

Thai Students Warned Of The Dangers Of Illegally Working In Singapore

But the Labour Ministry’s Department of Employment (DOE) has warned it can all turn sour if students are caught without the required work permit.

Promises of earnings in the region of 400,000 baht is often enough to secure the students into illegal employment in the island-city state off the coast of Malaysia. Frequently businesses will even pay for flights and accommodation, making offers difficult to turn down.

But without a work permit, students could find themselves in real trouble if caught. The permits can be be applied for by employers and to be fair, they are cheap and last for a minimum of six months. Once in place, the worker is protected by various rights covered by the Employment Act.

So what happens if you decide to enter using a tourist visa and get captured singing for instance? Well, the penalty can be up to a 490,000 baht fine and/or two years in prison.

For overstaying your visa, you could spend six months in jail and be caned!

The DOE offer free advice for people wishing to work abroad by calling 1694.

Or you can visit website for more information about work permits in Singapore.

Source : Thaivisa

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