Harley Davidson, one of the best brands in motorcycle manufacturer is believed to move to Thailand from the U.S.

Harley will be closing its Kansas City factory costing 800 jobs to move to Thailand, despite pleas from the Congress.

Harley clarified that a part of the company’s work will be shifting to New York whiles the other part to Thailand, that will open 400 new job opportunities in New York.

Richard Pence, a machinist at the Kansas City plant said “Part of my job is being moved to York, but the other part is going to Bangkok.”

The Company has nevertheless denied all rumors about its connection between Kansas City and Thailand.

The company stated, “The plant under construction in Thailand is a separate and unrelated issue. Part of our long-term strategy is to grow our international business to 50 percent of our annual volume by 2027. The Thailand facility will allow us to be competitive and provide riders greater access to our brand and our products in an expanding global marketplace.”


The company also has a Harley Davidson plant in India, where company’s most popular Street-model bikes are manufactured for foreign markets.

The company further clarifies, that this plant in India is only to increase international growth, without intending to reduce the U.S manufacturing.

But the situation that Kansas City is facing right now is beyond acceptance being the manufacturer since 1997.

“I am being directly affected by a corporate decision that I had no say in,” said Pence, who has worked at the plant for 21 years and has the highest seniority ranking in the facility.

He is also in the belief that the city’s equipments will also be shipped to Thailand.

Though Harley hasn’t confirmed any sort of news, Pence states that about 35% of the bikes assembled in Kansas City are destined for sale outside of the U.S.

Harley-Davidson stated that the Thailand plant will assemble bikes from components produced at the company’s U.S. facilities.

Source : The Pattaya News

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