Thais fear Chinese space station will come crashing down on them

Speaking to try and alleviate peoples fears Air Chief Marshall Jom Rungsawang has reassured people here in Thailand that there is virtually no chance that the Chinese Space Station which is due to come crashing down to earth next month will fall on people here in Thailand.

He said there is only a miniscule 1 percent chance any piece of Tiangong 1 will land here in Thailand.

Various space organizations have estimated that the station will come down to earth at some point before the 8th of April.

Speaking about the space station a European agency is predicting it to fall on April 3 so you might want to keep an eye on the sky that day, however they said it is only an estimate and predicting when it will fall is not an exact science.

Thais fear Chinese space station will come crashing down on them

Currently the space station passes over the kingdom for five minutes each day.

Reporters ask the Air Chief what people should do if they see the station falling to which he jokingly replied “get out of the way” however he said the station will most likely land in the ocean having mostly broken up in the upper atmosphere.

One British newspaper said pieces as weighing as much as 100 kilograms could potentially make it back down to earth.

Source : Sanook

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