The Things Women Do For a Tighter Vagina

Women who wish to rejuvenate their vaginas are causing doctors a fair amount of grief due to a so called “natural” treatment for their private parts.

It appears that certain ladies are using “oak galls” which is the result of wasps nests’ damage to tree bark to revitalise their drooping labia.

The Things Women Do For a Tighter Vagina

Some specialists admit that many natural treatments are indeed good for freshening up the old “camel toe” but one Canadian gynaecologist Jen Gunter has warned of possible long-term side effects.

While some natural ingredients are hailed for their ability to alleviate health problems down under, Canadian gynaecologist Jen Gunter says using this method can have serious long-term implications.

She insists that using oak galls, could lead to a number of problems such as painful sex, lack of healthy bacteria and even put women at risk from HIV.

So what is this treatment? Well – to put it simply, when wasps lay their eggs in the buds of a tree leaf, the oak galls are formed. These are gathered, ground into a paste and applied on to the female’s genitalia, which in turn, allegedly tightens her love hole and removes unwanted smells.

The Things Women Do For a Tighter Vagina

Manufacturers say it can also help improve love making.

When the vaginal canal gets too dry, there is a risk of abrasion during sex, which can result in damage to the ladies tunnel and the gentleman’s disco stick. Neither of which is good for those concerned.

Some people have complained of burning sensations when using the product, especially if they have cuts in or around their “love tunnel”. Dr. Gunter gave a professional tip to all ladies. “If something burns when you apply it to your vagina, it is generally bad for it.

It is worth noting that despite the product being freely available online and advertised as being capable of tightening your “special place” or to clear up any nasty stenches, there is no scientific proof that your vag will indeed return to the days it enjoyed before child birth.

It might be safer to stick with the “holding you pee” for ten seconds, release and repeat method.

Source : Independent

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