Tiger Kills Keeper At UK Zoo

A UK zoo keeper died when a tiger entered the enclosure she was working in.

Visitors were told to evacuate the area as screams and shouting resounded around the enclosure.

Tiger Kills Keeper At UK Zoo

Rosa King, was described by the Hamerton Zoo Park as “the shining light of the zoo”.

A friend said she was “a lovely lady” who was passionate about caring for animals.

One witness told how he saw a woman run into the cage to help her colleague. Visitors were told to “run” as keepers tried to lure the animal away from their stricken co-worker with pieces of raw meat.

The zoo and its staff were given credit by many for the way they handled, what was an extremely stressful situation.

Tiger Kills Keeper At UK Zoo

According to Cambridgeshire police, the tiger was not destroyed. Many people have often argued that animals should not be killed when things go wrong in zoos or safari parks, for at the end of the day, they are wild creatures, born to kill prey.

Our thoughts go out to Rosa’s friends and family at this sad time.

Source : Thetelegraph

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