Helicopter crash in Grand Canyon

TRAGIC: Seven people were on board a tour helicopter when it crashed in the Grand Canyon. Three were killed, four others were injured. bit.ly/2EVgKTh

Posted by WFLA News Channel 8 on Sunday, 11 February 2018

In a statement released by the Arizona media and federal aviation association they confirmed that a tourist helicopter crashed in the Grand Canyon on Saturday killing three passengers and seriously injuring four others.

At the time of the incident the helicopter was on a tour of the Grand Canyon, a popular tourist attraction which is over 1 mile (1.6km) deep in parts.

A dispatcher for the Hualapai Department of Emergency Services spoke to a Phoenix based television station regarding the incident stating that 3 people were killed as a result of the crash and four others badly injured, authorities are still searching the area where the helicopter crashed looking for one or two other possible passengers.

Tourist helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon kills three people

Attempts to speak with local police involved in the search have been made but so far the police have not responded to any questions.

An email was sent from Allen Kenitzer member of the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the crash which stated that the helicopter involved a Eurocopter EC130 Airbus “crashed under unknown circumstances” and upon impact suffered extensive damage.

Local authorities believe that there was a minimum of seven people onboard at the time of the crash.

Source : REUTERS

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