A father and his ten-year-old daughter have drowned at Thampra Waterfall in Puwoe National Park.

The youngster had fallen into the water, prompting her brave father to enter the swirl in an attempt to save her.

 Tragedy As Father And Daughter Drown In Waterfall

Malaysian Kee Kay Soon, 34, was visiting the waterfall in Seka district, which is on the eastern side of Thailand, close the the border with Laos. He and daughter Kee Wen Xun and his wife Melinee, were there along with Thai friends, when disaster struck.

Suchart Klaisuntia, 34, informed police they were departing the area when Kee decided to go back to clean herself in the water. She slipped, knocking him into the water with her. He tried frantically to pull the girl from the water but she was trapped on something beneath the surface.

The father then jumped in, despite not being able to swim and disappeared from sight. Melinee also attempted to save her daughter but it was in vain.

Our thoughts are with the family and their friends at this sad time.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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