Trash Island Is Inundated With Plastic Waste

The uninhabited Henderson Island in the South Pacific is covered in trash and has the highest density of plastic waste anywhere our earth.

The remote island which is part of the UK owned Pitcairn Islands is said to have 37 million pieces of debris on its shores. Due to its location, waste arrives with tides or even boats. Much of the trash is from South America but every nation must take responsibility for the mess.

Researchers hope that the image portrayed will change the way people use plastics in the future.

Dr Jennifer Lavers from the University of Tasmania said “A lot of the items on Henderson Island are what we wrongly refer to as disposable or single-use.”

Much of the waste is dangerous to the island’s wildlife due to its toxic nature or the ability to trap creatures, who try to use debris as homes.

The island listed by UNESCO as a coral reef with a relatively unique ecology, noted for ten plants and four bird species.

The problem with plastics is that is is more often than not, light, buoyant and not biodegradable.

Surely it is time for the world to wake up and find alternatives to plastics? It is time we rid our oceans and shores of waste for the betterment of the planet.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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