Donald Trump, President of the United States, has targeted Thailand, along with fifteen other nations as he tries to reduce his nation’s trade disparities.

The USA will review and clamp down on nations that break trade rules following the signing of executive orders from the president.

President Trump, who is never far away from the headlines said “I’m signing two executive orders that send the message loud and clear and will set the stage for a great revival of American manufacturing.”

He swore that he would deal with countries that deceive and claimed that his executive orders would lead to a reversal of America’s trade deficit.

He is demanding to know why there is trade imbalances within ninety days!

Countries being branded as “cheaters” by the President include China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Vietnam, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, Indonesia and Canada according to sources.

He claimed that American factories now have a voice in the Whitehouse and that the theft of American prosperity will cease.


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