Two Women Appear In Court For Kim Jong Nam's Murder

Two females have appeared in court in Kuala Lumpur, charged with the murder of one of North Korea’s ruling family.

The women, Doan Thi Huong and Siti Aisyah from Vietnam and Indonesia respectively, appeared under the protection of armed escorts on Tuesday.

Two Women Appear In Court For Kim Jong Nam's Murder

They are accused of daubing Kim Jong Nam’s face with a nerve agent at the airport in Kuala Lumpur back in February, which resulted in the death of the half brother of Kim Jong-un, the countries leader.

Four other North Koreans, that police wish to interview, fled Malaysia on the day of the murder.

The woman, said to be two hookers, claimed they were asked to play a prank for a hidden camera show and had no idea they were involved in a deadly game.

Two Women Appear In Court For Kim Jong Nam's Murder

Their lawyers fear the girls will take the wrap because the real killers are safely back in North Korea.

The substance used to kill the Korean was VX, an extremely toxic synthetic chemical compound, developed for military use in chemical warfare.

It is often colourless and once applied to the skin, it causes sweating and muscular twitching around the infected area, followed by vomiting, breathing problems and without immediate treatment, the victim will die.

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