Uber executive meets with Thai Prime Minister

A high level Uber executive had a brief meeting with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha while he attended the US-Asean Business Council event on October 3.

Justin Klintz, the senior director of policy and communications at Uber said that they were a champion of start-ups in Thailand and they had made it very clear that they wanted to be a part of the driving force in the kingdom.

He said that governments all over Asia have begun increasingly embracing ride-sharing due to the benefits it brings to passengers and drivers.

There has been widespread disputes throughout Thailand between taxi drivers and Uber drivers with some ending in violence as was reported in Pattaya only a couple of weeks ago when two rival drivers came to blows in a North Pattaya car park.

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Last week Uber started a petition which requires 10,000 Thai citizens to sign so as amendments can be considered to section 133 of the 2017 constitution by the National Assembly.

Uber is requesting amendment is made to the Motor Vehicles Act B.E. 2522 which would allow for ride-sharing for public and private vehicles using a smartphone app.

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  1. Someone needs to get the Thai taxi drivers together and get a petition together to stop this tax dodging law abusing Government bribing b&st&rds from getting into Thailand.
    The licenced taxi drivers do a pretty good job and there’s maybe too many drivers now.
    Can you imagine Bangkok with another 40 thousand drivers on its city roads like what was allowed on londons roads. In Bangkok its chaos now it would be gridlock 24 hours a day if this is allowed to go through


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