The CEO of United Airlines has finally issued an apology for the horrific scenes that unfolded on one of their planes as it waited to take off at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

In a statement made shortly after the incident, Oscar Munoz refused to condemn his staff, stating they acted in accordance with the rules.

However it appears that he has bowed to public opinion over the atrocious treatment of Dr. David Dao, who was dragged from his seat, received a facial injury and all because the airline wanted his seat for off duty staff.

Footage showed Dr Dao’s glasses had been knocked off and he had blood on his face

Now Mr. Munoz says “he continues to be disturbed” by the incident! He claimed the company will fix what is broken to ensure it never happens again.

David Dao, is in hospital receiving treatment but is said to be overwhelmed by the support he has received since the video him being manhandled off the plane went viral.

We wish Mr. Dao a speedy recovery and hope that he is properly compensated for his embarrassment and injuries received during the fiasco.


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