United Airlines

United Airlines are once again the centre of attention as they removed a couple from a plane in Houston, who were heading to their wedding in Costa Rica.

The airline claimed the engaged couple repeatedly attempted to sit in more expensive seats that they had no tickets for, stating they refused to move and were subsequently asked to leave the plane.

However the couple gave a different version of the happenings aboard the plane.

They say that when they boarded the plane, a man was sprawled over their seats, fast asleep.

As they were the final two passengers to embark on the plane, they moved to empty seats in economy plus a few rows away from their assigned seats.

They claim the airline refused their offer to pay the supplement and told them to move to their original seats.

Then a US Marshal officer boarded and requested they depart the plane.

They cooperated with this request and were rebooked on a another flight.

There was no mention in the report as to what happened to the person sleeping on the couple’s seats.

The engaged pair were named as Michael Holt and Amber Maxwell.

Last week the airline hit the headlines when an elderly doctor was forcibly removed from a flight because they needed the seat for off duty staff. The man received facial injuries during the commotion.

A video of the affray shocked the world as it went viral. It shows the man being hauled off the plane. His face is bloodied and he appears dazed and bewildered.


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