Vicar Stole £14500 From Parishioners To Pay For Sex With Rent Boys

Andrew Sloane, 63, of Knightsbridge, West London stole from his churches collection and conned trusting members of his flock out of £14,500 before being caught.

The crafty vicar managed to convince three of his parishioners that he needed temporary emergency loans and urged that they remain secret.

A parish meeting was held after £3,953.68 of collection money went missing and once checking CCTV footage church officials were shocked to discover that the vicar had stolen the money from the safe in St Paul’s church.

He was subsequently arrested and pleaded guilty to the crimes at Westminster magistrate’s court on Tuesday.

The prosecutor Miss Bryan said “The defendant was funding a lifestyle, using rent boys and living beyond his means.”

Vicar Stole £14500 From Parishioners To Pay For Sex With Rent Boys

Sloan who has been a member of the cloth for over 35 years, originally from Washington, USA convinced one of his Parishioners Paula Kaplan he needed help to pay his US tax bill, the woman trusted him absolutely and gave him around £8,000.

He also defrauded two other members of his parish before a police investigation began in July 2016; however Sloane had repaid all of the fraudulent loans before the police became involved.

Sloan admitted that he had stolen money from church collections between January 2015 and September 2016 and also admitted to three counts of fraud by false representation.

The disgraced vicar pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to a 12-month jail term suspended for two years and has since moved from London to Leeds.

Source : Thesun

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