Sex Capital Vietnam

Is Vietnam becoming the new vice capital of the world?

Reports suggest that sexual services are booming in Ho Chi Minh City and the authorities appear to be powerless to prevent the expansion of the market.

The biggest increase in activities lies within the massage shops.

Many parlours are busted every year but yet their growth is unyielding, with more and more sex shops opening for business.

The massage and sex industry even advertises openly, despite its illegal nature.

Young men leave brochures on tables in restaurants and bars, advertising products available in nearby shops. They also make use of online advertising to boost their trade.

But the big question is this. If the demand is there, should they legalise it and like in Amsterdam, tax those who work in the business?

Prostitution is one of the planets oldest trades and will continue to be so, wherever there are men willing to pay for the services of sexy young ladies.

Is it better to embrace it or should everything possible be done to prevent massage shops offering “happy” endings?

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