Mexican Wins 50km Race Wearing Recycled Sandals

A Mexican woman has run and won a 50km (31 miles) race in Puebla, in central Mexico.

But the ultra marathon winner didn’t just win in it – she ran to victory wearing SANDALS.

María Lorena Ramírez, 23, from Mexico’s Tarahumara indigenous community beat 500 athletes from 12 nations to take the winners spot.

The amazing feat or maybe that should be feet, becomes more incredible, when you consider she has never had any form of training and wore a skirt and a scarf as her sporting attire.

Mexican Wins 50km Race Wearing Recycled Sandals

Even her sandals were made from recycled rubber.

Marie is a goat herder, walking up to 15km per day during her work.

The tribe are supposedly well known for their excellent running ability, due to their location. They dwell in settlements, which are long distances away from each other. So to get about, they run to other villages or to hunt. They can be seen running in groups and pacing skills are passed down from parent to child.

They will either run barefoot or in their home made footwear known as huaraches.

Her prize for winning the race was 6,000 pesos ($320; £250, 11,000 baht).

Maria came second in a 100km race last year.

Source : BBC

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