Zimbabwe Education System Accepts Sheep For Payment

Financing children’s eduction in Zimbabwe became a whole lot easier for the nation’s poor as the government introduced a new method of payment.

Livestock. Yes you can pay the education system with a goat of a sheep.

Not only must school accept livestock but they cannot refuse offers of services and skills that parents may have to offer.

Funding education via livestock already happens in rural areas. In the cities, mums and dads can now offer to do work for the school to pay off their fees.

Zimbabwe is currently suffering from a cash crisis and long queues at banks are a common sight as people try to withdraw money. It is normal for citizens to stand or hours outside the local bank.

One thing that isn’t clear is how they determine the price of a sheep or goat. Do they employ sheep evaluators or is it by negotiation?

And what skills and services would not be acceptable as payment?


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