It seems the old saying make love not war wasn’t going to save a group of Russian nationals who were rounded up following a raid on a Pattaya hotel were police arrested 10 people for being alleged “sex instructors.”

Pattaya’s finest carried out the raid late last night where officers also took in for questioning the hotels 43 guests which included both men and women who were all attending the course in love-making ran by the sex experts.

After interrogating the guests they were all released without charge.

10 Russians arrested for working as "sex instructors" in Pattaya

Police said that the guests claimed to have each paid 20,000 baht for their accommodation and the special course which focused on teaching those in attendance how to make their partner climax, following successful completion of the course those who passed were presented with a certificate.

It was reportedly a chaotic seen when officer arrived at 11pm last night with several instructors attempting to flee, however officers were able to arrest all ten of the love-making courses instructors.

Police said of the ten arrested one has been charged for overstaying there visa, three charged with illegal entry into Thailand and the remaining charged for working without work permits.

Source: The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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