People in Pattaya might want to be extra careful where you step over the coming winter months after it was reported that a 16ft-long python was captured despite its best efforts at finding a hiding place which happened to be inside an old car tyre.

Locals quickly rang for aid from the police who dispatched wildlife rescue workers after the snake was discovered outside a rural restaurant in the Bang Lamung district last Thursday.

Obviously very content with its new home the snake put up a valiant effort to remain inside the car tyre.

Eventually after a rather large amount of tugging rescue workers were able to prise the large serpent out of the tyre before briefly standing with the snake to pose for pictures where no doubt some pointing occurred before the snake was securely stowed away into a large sack.

The snake was then safely released back into the wild. Rescue worker Suppachai Wanitpong who can be seen in the video handling the large serpent said “it took a lot of strength to get the snake out as it was an awkward hiding place.”

Suppachai said the snake probably chose the tyre looking for somewhere warm and dry to see out the winter.

Source: Pattaya One

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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