4 Brits among 10 arrested in Pattaya on immigration charges

In a joint effort from both Pattaya police and Tourist Police a total of 10 people were rounded up which included four British nationals and one Canadian national for either overstaying their visas or illegally residing in the kingdom.

The arrests were announced on March 9 however officers did not go into details as to how the suspects were discovered and arrested.

Of those arrested three British nationals and one Indian national have been detained for overstaying their visas while a British national, a Canadian national and two Burmese nationals were also arrested during the same operation all charged with residing in the kingdom with no passport or visa.

A further Burmese national was arrested for working outside the parameters of their work permit which was for Bangkok.

The nationality of the tenth suspect was not made public and police did state that a further 10 suspects were able to evade capture.

Source: Pattaya Mail

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