Over 800,000 baht donated to Pattaya temple for monk training

A recent robes-giving ceremony, “tod pha pa” resulted in the Chaimongkol Temple raising over 800,000 baht from donations that will be used to train 10 Precepts.

Banglamung District Chief Naris Niramaiwong and Region 13 Ecclesiastical Governor Phomkavee were in attendance at the ceremony which took place on January 29 at the South Pattaya temple where Abbot Panyarattanaphorn led proceedings.

Governor Phomkavee thanked those who had donated money throughout the ceremony noting that a combined total of 814,740 baht had been raised and would now be put towards the training of ten Precepts in Pali for first and second level students who would train for their grade 5 exams.

Over 800,000 baht donated to Pattaya temple for monk training

Robes-giving ceremonies can be held at any time throughout the year and are used as a way for temples to help generate funds for a variety of reasons such as temple maintenance, training and other such projects.

The ceremonies have been happening since ancient times where people used to make merit by providing monks with new robes, however the practice has evolved over the years and today money is normally given as the main form of making merit.

Source : Pattaya Mail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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