983 foreigners rounded up in three-day immigration crackdown

During a three-day immigration crackdown across the east and central regions of the kingdom almost 1000 foreigners who had overstayed their visas were either fined or arrested.

Officials from the Immigration Bureau Region three released a report stating that from November 13 to 16 a total of 983 individuals had either been arrested, surrendered voluntarily or fined for overstaying their visas.

Here in Pattaya eight Chinese nationals wanted on a prostitution warrant issued by Pattaya Provincial Court were captured along with another Chinese national wanted on separate charges as well as a Russian national wanted on drugs charges.

983 foreigners rounded up in three-day immigration crackdown

Across the region police stated that of the 983 individuals from the report, 911 surrendered voluntarily and 72 were arrested.

For those who had overstayed their visas by up to one year a ban of one year from entering the kingdom is issued.

Those who overstay between 1- 3 years face a 3-5 year ban from entering Thailand.

People who overstay by more than five years are banned from entering Thailand for 10 years.

However if someone does not surrender voluntarily and there overstay is discovered after being arrested then their ban starts at 5 years blacklisting from the kingdom.


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