Access To Sailing For Disabled Aided By Top Of The Gulf Regatta

The Top of the Gulf Regatta, which will be held at Ocean Marina Yacht Club from April 27th till 1st of May, 2018, is expected to be a roaring success.

With more than 25 nations involved, which of course includes the Thai team, it is hoped that the event will not only open up the world of sailing to many people but will also boost tourism in the Pattaya area.

There is also good news for those who suffer from disabilities as a new boat is to be trialled, which is specifically aimed at disabled people, who wish to get involved in sailing and yachting.

Access To Sailing For Disabled Aided By Top Of The Gulf Regatta

It has been a long thirteen years for organisers, who have worked tirelessly promoting the event. The fourteenth Regatta is set to be the best ever, opening up sailing to many people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to get involved in the sport. The new boat called the S\V14 has been built in Thailand for the purpose of promoting sailing to disabled people, which we think is a wonderful idea.

The event also encourages the younger generation to become involved with the Thailand Optimist National Championships, which is the peak of competitive youth sailing in Thailand.

Ocean Marina is South East Asia’s largest marina facility and will host a dozen or so classes of boats and yachts. There will be competitors from Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom, as 25 nations go head to head in the competition.

The event precedes the Asian Games, which is held in Jakarta in August, offering many countries the chance of a trial run.

For more information about the 2018 Top of the Gulf Regatta Presented by Ocean Marina, please visit the following links here : Web FB

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