There was another accident involving a high powered motorbike here in Pattaya, though this time no one was killed the driver of the motorbike reportedly remains in a coma at the Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Witnesses to the accident which happened outside of the Bella Bella Hotel on Pattaya Central Road said that the bike was traveling at high speed before slamming into the side of a taxi but police investigating the incident want to watch CCTV from the area before commenting on the accident.

The driver remains in a coma in hospital and his identity has yet to be released though it is believed he is a Thai national, the driver of the taxi was unharmed in the collision and he had no passengers in his taxi at the time.

Another "Big Bike" accident in Pattaya leaves rider in a coma

Witnesses stated that the driver of the bike was not wearing a helmet and was driving at high speeds weaving in and out of traffic prior to the collision which threw him from his bike.

This is the second accident in recent weeks involving a high powered motorcycle when previously three people were killed when a big bike was driven at speed colliding with a tourist crossing the road in Jomtien.

Source : The Pattaya New

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