Another kind German in Pattaya- man caring for injured stray dogs

It seems Pattaya has no shortage of kind hearted folk from Germany at the moment after reports that one dog lover is going to great lengths to help out even the most downtrodden of stray dogs here in Pattaya.

Thai social media is full of praise for 34-year-old Herr Adrian Joseph who lives in Soi Wat Bun Samphan with his family who has been doing everything in his power to care for stray dogs all across the city.

People commented that they have often spotted Herr Joseph outside of shopping centers accompanied by family and friends attempting to raise money to care for strays that have been hurt or abandoned.

Another kind German in Pattaya- man caring for injured stray dogs

Equipped with signs and a couple of the animals that he cares for which includes handicapped dogs and cats they ask for donations to help feed, vaccinate, treat injuries and care for the growing number of animals the kind-hearted family are now looking after.

Currently under the family’s care is a total of 20 cats and 10 injured dogs.

Another kind German in Pattaya- man caring for injured stray dogs

At the temple close to their home there are as many as 100 stray dogs and cats, the caring German said there are plans to expand their operation to take care of more of those animals once they have raised enough money to do so.

Last week the story of a fellow countryman also grabbed media headlines showcasing on German man’s efforts to help feed the homeless and less fortunate here in Pattaya leading many Thai’s online to give him the moniker “The Kindest German in Thailand,” however with Herr Joseph’s efforts now being highlighted he might have some competition for the title.

Do you know of someone going out of their way to help people, animals or the environment here in Pattaya that you feel deserves some recognition, let us know we would love to hear about them.

Source: Sophon Cable

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