Anti-smoking rally to be held on Pattaya Beach on March 6

Pattaya Beach will play host to the first anti-smoking rally which is scheduled for March 6 as part of Pattaya City officials continuing efforts to roll out the beach smoking ban all across the city.

A meeting was held on February 23 by Pattaya’s Deputy Mayor Vichien Pongpanit outside of Dongtan Beach (the first beach in Pattaya to go smoke free) and speaking to those in attendance the deputy mayor said that an estimated 85 percent of people who visit Dongtan Beach are now aware and understand the smoking ban, he predicted that number to rise to 100 percent within the next 30 days.

Officials are now turning their attention to both Pattaya and Naklua Beaches, stating that their first actions will be to educate beach chair vendors who have endorsed the ban by helping to collect 110,000 cigarette butts.

Anti-smoking rally to be held on Pattaya Beach on March 6


All of the cigarette butts that were collected have been passed on to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources for study.

The anti-smoking rally on March 6 will feature an exhibition on the dangers smoking causes to a person’s body and those around them as well as the environmental impact that improperly disposing cigarette butts has on the environment.

Officials are in the process of establishing designated smoking areas on Pattaya Beach as well as erecting warning signs about the consequences people face for violating the ban which can be as harsh as 1 year in prison and or a fine of up to 100,000 baht.

Have you noticed the change on Dongtan Beach? What are your thoughts on the ban? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Pattaya Mail

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