Australian Escaped Convict Thought To be In Pattaya

An Aussie convict, who escaped from a prison in the Indonesian island of Bali, could be hiding in Pattaya it is claimed.

Thirty-three-year-old Shaun Davidson, who “tunneled” his way out of Kerobokan Prison on June 19th, was assisted by three other convicts.

Australian Escaped Convict Thought To be In Pattaya

In scenes not unlike the great escapes from Colditz in WWII, the men dug their way to freedom. However two have since been captured. Sayed Mohammed Said from India and Dimitar Nikolov Iliev of Bulgaria were found in East Timor, which is east of Bali.

Davidson and Tee King Kok from Malaysia, remain at large.

Davidson has connections in Thailand, particularly with Hells Angels, Mongols and Banditos motorcycle gangs and could be being harboured by other known fugitives.

Australian Escaped Convict Thought To be In Pattaya

The wanted man, has been taunting authorities by “checking in” on Facebook around the world, showing him partying in nightclubs in a variety of cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Dubai.

The posts are unlikely to be genuine and probably created to lead the law astray.

Davidson was sentence to 12 months in prison for immigration offences including being caught using someone else’s passport.

One ex-prisoner who was inside with the Australian, described him as being a “hard” but funny, likeable guy.

Source : Thaivisa

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